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Best Cafes in Pushkar With Stunning Decor in 2021

best cafes in pushkar

Pushkar is a renowned city of Rajasthan which is known for its world-famous Brahma temple and the very auspicious Pushkar Lake. Thousands of tourists visit this city during the occasion of Karthik Purnima and Pushkar fair mainly.

The tourists come from all over the world and visit this sacred temple which is believed to be one in the world and that is why the city of Pushkar is called ‘Tirtharaj’ or the King of the Pilgrimage. The tourists not only enjoy the religious visits they also enjoy many Unexplored gems in Pushkar but the people who visit also enjoy the many attractions and also have a good time eating out here.

Pushkar has many cafes where the tourists can enjoy a good meal with their family and friends and we are here to help you with the solution. So when you visit Pushkar next time It will be easier for you to opt for the best cafe in the Divine city Pushkar. So here we are presenting you with the best cafes in Pushkar.

1. Nirvana Cafe and Pizzeria

Nirvana Cafe and Pizzeria

Nirvana Cafe and Pizzeria has a colorful amazing trippy interior and the place is a nice spot to taste some of the cheesy pizzas. This is one of the Hippies cafes in Pushkar.

The people can also taste the freshly baked bread along with the tea and coffee and the best part of this place is that the sitting arena is really comfortable and the people who are looking for a relaxed time can visit here for the ultimate comfort. The cafe is themed in a trippy manner and you won’t miss Himachal much after visiting this particular cafe.

2. Cafe Lake View

Cafe Lake View Pushkar

Cafe Lake View is an amazing cafe that is true to its name which provides a stunning view of Pushkar lake. the café has a terrace sitting arena from where the guests can enjoy the splendid view of the Pushkar Lake.

There are many couples who love to visit here for its romantic and amazing ambiance and this café is also a great spot for the sunset view. So the people who are looking for a romantic and pleasing corner with great food can visit here.

3. The Funky Monkey Cafe

 Funky Monkey Cafe Pushkar

The Funky Monkey Cafe is famous amongst the tourists and the café is located near the Mahavir Chowk where people can have an exotic view of Pushkar city.

The best part of this café is that it serves great food and there are some menus which are worth trying such as some dessert menus and sweets and savories. The service of this cafe is also very good and the tourists can expect a warm welcome from them.

4. The Laughing Buddha Cafe

Laughing Buddha Cafe Pushkar

Laughing Buddha Cafe is counted amongst the best cafes of Pushkar where you can enjoy some of the best-baked items and the people can also enjoy the hot tea with fine cookies and sandwiches and cakes. The café is also having a balcony from where you can overlook the city and its people. The café is a nice place to rest on.

5. Music Villa

Music Villa Pushkar

If you are looking for some healthy food options with some good ambiance and musical nights this is the place. This Cafe is a Hippy place too. Their menu is loaded with a variety of Juices and Pizza. Mud Tandoor Pizza is delicious and a must-have for every foody.

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