Top 8 Reasons to attend Pushkar Holi Festival

Top 8 Reasons to attend Pushkar Holi Festival

Pushkar Holi Festival

While many people are on the lookout for a holiday to spend with their families, some are hesitant about traveling for a Pushkar Holi. There is no need to worry about the Pushkar Holi Festival.

Pushkar Holi is a showstopper and you can have a great time during this festival. If you are feeling a little reluctant about the trip, here are the top 8 reasons why you should attend this festival.

  1. It’s world Famous – People from all around the world come here to celebrate Holi and to be a part of this amazing & vibrant Festival

2. EDM Music & Street Parties – People Gather along on the streets of Pushkar where everyone enjoys dancing freely and madly to the heavy beats of EDM Music

3. Special Lassi & Bhang Stalls – People enjoy Sipping Bhang Lassi during the Pushkar Holi as it is easily available on the streets of Pushkar during that time

4. Proper Safety by Police & Local Volunteers – Tons of Volunteers and Local Police ensure the proper safety of tourists during the Pushkar Holi

5. 3-day Festival – It is a festival that lasts for 3 days in which various artists from around the world come and performs

6. The festival is full of colors – The Streets of Pushkar are full of colorful people during the Pushkar Holi, be lost in the explosion of colors thrown everywhere, and be ready to meet travelers from all around the world splashing colors and whatnot.

7. Pushkar Sightseeing – while visiting the Mystic Pushkar During the Pushkar Holi you can also explore the fascinating city which is famous for its pilgrimage sites, lake, scenic views, and whatnot.

8. Experience India – The Pushkar Holi is the best way to experience the culture and the festival celebration in Incredible India


Pushkar Holi Festival is a festival that is celebrated in India with a lot of enthusiasm. It is a festival that is celebrated on the day of Holi, which falls on the full moon of the month of Phalgun. It is a festival of colors and dance. It is a day when people from all over India come to celebrate, which is why it is a very large festival. People from all over India come to celebrate.


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